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The main scientific and technological projects undertaken by the Company::
In May 2015, Changzhou Automobile Hub Engineering Technology Research Center.
In May 2016, Changzhou Industrial Support Plan (Industry), Project Name: The research and manufacture of key parts of metal-type low-pressure casting gear box.
In May 2017, Jiangsu Science and Technology Plan (industry outlook and common key technology), project name: Visual detection intelligent system for surface defect of low-pressure casting aluminum alloy hub coating.
In December 2016, the Intellectual Property Management System of the Company was certified by the Zhonggui (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. which is in compliance with the standards of the intellectual property management system of GB/T 29490-2013 and obtained Intellectual Property Management System Certification Certificate.
In February 2017, the company was certified by Japan VIA lab certification which lays a solid foundation for expanding the Japanese market and further optimizing the company's hub market layout.
So far, our company has 13 patents, 39 utility models patents and 2 appearance patents.
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